Overflow Call Handling

Taking overflow calls as and when you need us


  • We answer the phone

    We answer 90% of all out of hours calls within 30 seconds. We don't keep you or your customers on hold. Our flexible phone system allows us to divert calls quickly to extra on call staff should the call centre become extremely busy.

  • Knowledgable, Helpful Staff

    We've chosen staff based on knowledge of the industries our customers are involved with. We're also happy to attend your training courses if your company is a new field for us.

  • Powerful Phone System

    Our flexible, powerful phone system features incoming and outgoing automatic phone recording, call diversion should a call not be answered within a set limit and unlimited concurrent incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Modern, Flexible Job System

    Providing live breakdown data, SMS job allocation, agent location tracking, auto completion emails and more - our custom-made breakdown system is one of the most modern and flexible available today.

You're able to use us for your company out of hours when providing your customers a 24 hour service is at the core of your business.

Taking calls from your customers when you're not available is our speciality. In the case of a commerical vehicle repair company, we can take details from your customer in a breakdown situation and allocate the job to your own engineers or your nationwide network.

Quickly answering the phone out of hours and allocation of the job the correct contact is our top priority, so much so that over 85% of jobs get taken on and passed out within 10 minutes.

  • We're flexible, quickly bringing extra staff online out of hours if the call volume raises
  • Job allocation via SMS, E-mail or telephone
  • Over 50 years experience in the call centre & commercial vehicle industry
  • 24 hour or only out of hours, we're the team for you.

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Call us: Speak to us on 0208 0502 365

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